Do You Really Need a Realtor to Buy New Construction?

I hear this question often, “Do I really need a Realtor if I’m buying new construction?” The short answer, ABSOLUTELY! You are likely making the largest purchase of your life, why wouldn’t you want someone in your corner, to represent you, especially when it doesn’t cost you anything!

When buying new construction many buyers believe it is a good idea to use the builder’s representative when building a new home rather than a licensed real estate agent because it will save them money.  This is 100% FALSE!  It costs the buyer absolutely NOTHING to be represented by a Realtor.  When a buyer chooses to work solely with the builder’s representative you are working with someone who represents the builder and their best interest, not you! They are representing the builder and without an agent, no one is truly representing you.

A buyer’s agent can help guide you when it comes time to select upgrades that will give you the most bang for your buck. Once in the design center you can easily spend thousands of dollars on upgrades that will not necessarily be of value when it comes time to sell. It can also be easy to over upgrade your new home and run the risk of the home not appraising at the final sales price. Your buyer’s agent has the market knowledge to help you choose upgrades that will provide you the biggest return on your investment.

A buyer’s agent can also negotiate for you on things like lot premiums and appliances. I recently negotiated with a builder on my client’s behalf and saved them $4,500 on a lot premium.  By knowing what questions to ask and having experience working with many different builders a real estate agent can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Having a professional working for you and representing your best interest can save you money, time and unnecessary headache.